Weblib has made real progress by making their first Hispanic point of sale – at the McDonald’s restaurant in Madrid’s La Vaguada Shopping Centre. The iPads attached to the brand new furniture for the new Spirit of Family concept have quickly found their place amongst the bocadillos, patatas bravas, pinchos… oh wait, sorry… amongst the Big Macs rather!

At least customers from nearby competitor restaurants will not be able to steal access to the iPads as was the case with the free Wifi… which McDonald’s has cleverly responded to with this TBWA campaign!

Barely held on by their Bouncepad supports, the iPads were stormed by children who suggested to our installer that new trendy games be uploaded onto them!

We invite you to take advantage of your next long weekend and visit Madrid. How about 11th November?

And now… our teams set out to tackle Latin America!


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