Quick, ranked N°3 in Europe’s fast food restaurant chains, continues its innovation strategy which began in 2011, and has opted for 2 Weblib solutions in 4 restaurants in Nancy.

During summer, 4 restaurants were equipped with Smart Wifil and 2 with iPads.

  • The 1st advantage of the apparatus is, as you know, it offers an additional digital service to customers. The iPads are available for free on the standing tables, giving access to the internet and offering customers entertainment (games, social networking sites, digital newspapers, etc.). Stay connected during your lunch break, alone or with friends!
  • The 2nd advantage relates to Smart Wifi; it gives free access to the internet when the customer uses their personal mobile terminal to connect by filling out a mini satisfaction questionnaire. This allows the establishment to collect information from its customers about their level of satisfaction. They will get to know their visitors and their expectations better and can respond more efficiently to them. We go to all this trouble just for you, you know!

These restaurants are the first establishments to try the Weblib service. For us, Quick represents a new prestigious client with which we are very fortunate to work with.

Here are the Quick restaurants with our solution in the Nancy region. Why not munch on some chips while you try out our services?

iPad and hotspot:

  • Quick 4 avenue Foch Nancy
  • Quick 4 allée de Bourgogne, ZAC du plateau de Brabois, Vandoeuvre lès Nancy

 Hotspot :

  • Quick 24 place Henri Mengin Nancy
  • Quick Avenue de l’Europe ZAC des 3 frontières Mont Saint Martin

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