Weblib and Samsung at the service of quick service restaurants.

Our friends at Samsung just released a business case about our tablet management solution Tab inStore as used by McDonald’s (here described as a generic quick service restaurant brand) :

Samsung et Weblib work together to digitalisation of point of sell

Here Weblib’s solutions for digitalisation of restaurants.

Samsung thought the Weblib/McDonald’s collaboration was a great example of what can be achieved with KNOX Customization, so they decided to promote our success story.

As you know if you have been following this blog, Weblib is a Samsung Customization Partner, which means we leverage the KNOX Customization SDK for our software development.  Our mission is aligned with Samsung KNOX Services : to provide retailers with the best customization capabilities and user experience for in-store tablets.

Weblib use Knox to secure tablets in restaurants

Knox solution to secure any device

What is KNOX Customization SDK? It is a software development tool that allows software editors like Weblib to deploy purpose-built solutions for B2B customers through a set of powerful configuration tools. Tablets are originally made for individual consumers and not adapted to used as public-facing devices without specific add-ons.

KNOX Customization provides a controlled user experience, which means selected content can be preloaded on devices to create an original look and feel that fulfills both functionality and branding requirements.

KNOX Customization enables in-depth configuration of elements that are within the device settings. This allows creation of a customized environment on a device by exercising tight control of user experience.

If you want to know more about Samsung KNOX Customization Services : website here.

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